We are in a digital world, where everything is being related to technology. And technology is growing from day to another. Social media has also become one of the things to build businesses and companies.

 There is a time when Suga, in an interview, confessed about social media being an enormous part in their group’s success.   History reveals about the group beating such big names as Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber among others, by winning the Top Social Artist Award in the year two thousand and fifteen.  As such, they stood out to be the first k-pop band to win such an award.

 At the look of this, they did not believe they could win the award.  It’s crucial to connect with your followers, at somehow a personal level. This way, you get to get more fans across the world. BTS has always engaged with their fans through the internet, in ways different from how other groups do it.

  • The Fans

 Have you ever noticed a common thing about most of the successful bands, or musicians, having very supportive fans behind them? This is one secret BTS members have. The love of their fans is just on another level. Their fans fans have been instrumental in purchasing their merchandise especially the ita bag from merch hoodies , which is very popular in South Korea.

  They have the most loyal fans of all time.  With over sixteen million followers on Twitter and over thirteen million followers on Instagram, the BTS become one of the extensive social media families of the people. 

 On their win of the billboard award, this group got over three hundred million online votes. This is so weird in kind of positive way though.  At some point in the year two thousand and seventeen, their fans watched their DNA video on YouTube, for fifty million times, in a single month.

 One good thing that every musician should learn from them is how they adore, respect and engage with their fans. They take a lot of time to post content which is always educative and informative in their different pages and profiles.

 The Bottom Line

 There is a lot to be said about BTS group, including their partnership with bt21 Line Friends. and their achievements, which could take some weeks to put down. But with the few discussed above, you can know what is behind their tremendous success. As a fan and a follower of BTS, it’s good to know them, more than what you already know, and that is precisely what you get here. 

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