7 Best Anal Hooks


  Are you looking for an anal hook?  Or would you want your partner to hook your ass kinkily?  Do not worry as you are at the right place. . Here, you will find seven hot anal hooks and how they look. Get the hooks by reading this article, to have some understanding of the various types of hooks.

  1. 3 piece anal hook

  This is the most popular option in the markets today, and it is the most recommended by the sex experts.   It is a three piece such that it comes in a package of three: the vibrator, a butt plug and the twenty-five centimeters long anal hook.  Their color is chrome; they look beautiful, and perfect in the hard steel aesthetic which typically comes with the anal hook play.

  • 25cm Stainless Steel Anal Hook

  This is the definition of simplicity. Just as the title, it is stainless entirely smooth with a fitted smooth circular ball, which meets all sizes of players.  If you are new in this sector, this is the most convenient item you can always start with.

  • Double Ball Stainless Steel Anal Hook

  Someone said two is always better than one, and that is evident for these types of anal hooks.  They will be perfect for the experienced players, and those who would love to explore the game.  It comes with two perfectly fitting anal balls.

 Whenever you feel like you need to be punished further, by being dug deeper,, this is the way to go.

  • Five Balls Stainless Steel Anal Hook

 It is a five in one anal ball, which will give you the pleasure that you need.  It may look painful but will provide you with so much pleasure.   It is mostly recommended for the experienced BDSM players.  If two is better than one, what do you think of five?  Have fun by acquiring one of this.  It had a full metal alloy and made of stainless steel.  It is super comfortable too.

  • Stainless Steel Anal Hook With A Cock Ring

This is a twofer one.  It is currently found, two of them at the price of one.  Grab one for a maximum constriction. Get your balls held by this cock ring, and enjoy the pleasure you deserve.

  • S/M/L Single Ball Stainless Steel Anal Hook

Some people love a flared base of a butt plug and a pointed top. This will serve you well.  They are available in three various sizes. Which means different players will be able to fit them.  Buy them, and let your loved ones gesture and appreciate your thoughts.

  • Stainless Steel Anal Hook with A Neck Brace

 If you could buy this for your sub, if they like their ass plugged, while they can control it at the neck, with the pair, this will make them happy.  It is the most deluxe option, especially for the BDSM experienced players


  Take your anal games to the next level. Be the guru in the game, as it is worth it. You only live once.